On January 20th Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. Here is how we feel about that. Also, Romero ate during the taping (we apologize for his lack of professionalism) Isac bought an iPhone case that turns into a gun, and Zoli smacked the shit out of the microphone during the recording. 


This week was chaotic. We learned how to protest peacefully, we learned how to riot and get free Starbucks too! No Manny this week, he was taking a nap during the taping of this episode and Frank was tooooooo tired to come out west to record. But we should have a full squad this next week. Here is Austin Weiss' Instagram. Very humble dude give him a follow. Check out our Youtube page to see all of our shenanigans, the Mannimal Minute, and more!  Have something to submit? Hit us up at Badwifi.submissions@gmail.com or shoot us a DM on Twitter or Instagram were @Bad_Wifi_ for those two and as always the facebook is where we all hang out!

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